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Bells Beach Brewing

Ipanema Guava Sour

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This Catharina sour is as Brazilian as Capoeira, or drinking Caiparinha's at the beach wearing Havaianas!  Made with a truck load of fruit - expect big Guava flavours followed by a crisp citrus sourness!

Packed with over 200kg of Guava puree in each batch the delicate tropical aroma and flavour of this delicious fruit really shines through.  Kettle souring gives a clean but not overpowering tartness to finish.  

ABV: 4%
IBU: 6
OG: 10
FG: 1.5
Colour: 8
Grains: Pilsener, Wheat
Yeast: US-05, Lactobacillus Culture
Hops: Magnum
Style: Catharina Sour
Can Size: 375 ml

Ipanema Guava Sour