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Bells Beach Brewing

Queenscliff Cream Ale

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Historically the US small brewery's answer to big brewery lager, cream ale skillfully blends the drinkability of a light lager with some subtle esters from top-fermenting ale yeast. Subtle traditional US herbal flavour and aromatics from Crystal and Willamette

Brewed as "the ultimate food pairing beer" in collaboration with our good friends on the Q-Train. This delicate cream ale delivers a little sweetness up front, classic US herbal hop aromatics and a subtle ester profile, finished crisp and dry.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 23
OG: 12.7
FG: 2.4
Colour: 6.3
Grains: Pilsen, Corn Grits, Sugar 
Yeast: K-97
Hops: Crystal, Willamette
Style: Cream Ale
Can Size: 375 ml

Queenscliff Cream Ale